184 x Big Toast - Who Shit in the Sandpit? (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

184 x Big Toast - Who Shit in the Sandpit? (RVG031) [October 26th 2020 Revorg Records]

Two years after blessing us with "Prolefeed" 184 & Big Toast unite once more to pose the question that's smeared across everybody's lips...Who Shit in the Sandpit?

184 really stepped it up - The beats are drastically different from "Prolefeed" very genre-fluid, slower, more melodic and intricately layered which gives Big Toast space to deliver his narratives in a more mellow tone than usual but still with his trademark boisterous inflection.

The guest features and additional vocals are provided by vicious spoken-wordsmith - John Paul, fellow Tuff Boy - The Strange Neighbour, Cronx native - Verbz and the exquisite Breezy Lee, who's vocal melodies really add a whole new dimension to the project.

Recommended tracks include:

"Alles Langweilig"

"Anyone Order A Tough Guy"

"Paul Gascoigne"



This is social commentary done properly