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184 x Big Toast - Who Shit in the Sandpit? (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

184 x Big Toast - Who Shit in the Sandpit? (RVG031) [October 26th 2020 Revorg Records]

Two years after blessing us with "Prolefeed" 184 & Big Toast unite once more to pose the question that's smeared across everybody's lips...Who Shit in the Sandpit?

184 really stepped it up - The beats are drastically different from "Prolefeed" very genre-fluid, slower, more melodic and intricately layered which gives Big Toast space to deliver his narratives in a more mellow tone than usual but still with his trademark boisterous inflection.

The guest features and additional vocals are provided by vicious spoken-wordsmith - John Paul, fellow Tuff Boy - The Strange Neighbour, Cronx native - Verbz and the exquisite Breezy Lee, who's vocal melodies really add a whole new dimension to the project.

Recommended tracks include:

"Alles Langweilig"

"Anyone Order A Tough Guy"

"Paul Gascoigne"



This is social commentary done properly

- Spat from the back of your throat, laced with phlegm, bile and yesterdays Red Stripe still lingering and once you've scratched the surface you get flashes of maturity and urgency. What's also refreshing here is you'll find no conspiracy theories like so many of his peers who use them to fluff out their releases. This is scathing and obnoxious, brilliant and belittling, hilarious and brimming with Big Toast's trademark malice and vitriol towards the ruling classes and thick fucking gammon cunts alike.

While it may take a couple of listens to get used to the change in direction of the record, this is frankly their best work together to date and quite a fitting release for 2020. At a short but solid 11 tracks, it does leave you wanting more, this is definitely One for the Bank...

Yet another top quality release from the Revorg camp.

Available to pre-order on Vinyl/CD/Tape/Digital from and streaming on all your favourite streaming services.

"If it ain't Revorg, why bother"

Check out the video for "F.W.L" here:

Check out the video for "This is England" here:

Check out the video for "My Skillz" here:

Check out the video for "Backpack" here: here:

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