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Alex Mighten - Symbiosis (Review)

You will probably know Alex Mighten by his former alias Karizma who gained notoriety as a part of the now legendary Notts crew, Out Da Ville. A few years and couple of greys later he's shed his previous aka in favour of his government name and has finally released his debut album - Symbiosis with producer Jack Wolff.

Recommended Tracks:

In My Zone

Final Word


Protect My Peace

Symbiosis is an unblemished blend of soul and street influenced sounds which has been crafted masterfully and delivered with such passion by Alex Mighten & producer Jack Wolff, respectively. You can feel this passion, dedication and love for the art oozing out from every bar spoken and every piece of instrumentation. I love the contrasting mixture of Alex' soulful vocal tones and his more rugged Hip Hop delivery. Content wise, the album is a mature body of work it's quite self reflecting but also playful and intelligent at the same time. The production is wonderfully produced and laid-back making Symbiosis the perfect soundtrack for your summer.

Check out the video for 'Final Word' below:

Symbiosis is out now on all DSP's and can be purchased via Bandcamp HERE


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