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Big Daddy Rap Beast - Yarns from the Juicer (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

"Give an emcee a beat and he will rap for a day, but pre-order his vinyl and he can relentlessly spam social media with it for a lifetime."

Portsmouth's own Big Daddy Rap Beast is back with a brand new album - Yarns from the Juicer" With this project he's hoping to secure enough backers through crowdfunding to allow his legacy to last forever on a limited edition vinyl pressing.

Guest features:


Goretex (Non-Phixion)

Scran Cartel

Cuts by:


Recommended tracks:

Back it Up

Mass Hysteria

Biblical Anal Betamax

Get Your Weight Up

This is a short but sweet project packed full of unmatched levels of wit, sarcasm, plenty of innuendos, hilarious punchlines and some great old fashioned storytelling raps. The exquisitely crafted production is exclusively handled by Pimpernell Jones who really delivers the goods here and provides a great backdrop for The Beast to do what he does "averagely" (His words) along with the sprinkling of solid guest features.

 At times some of the tracks can feel like they're blending into others and I honestly think that this is due to the short amount of tracks presented here and it doesn't make it any less enjoyable. His chemistry with the guests is great (Tenchoo especially) and none of the features feel forced or out of place on the project. A really solid release, fingers crossed the vinyl reaches it's target as this is one I would love to have in my vinyl collection.

Extra props for what is probably my favourite song tile in 2020 with "Biblical Anal Betamax"

If you want something that makes you piss yourself with laughing and keeps you pressing rewind then do yourself a favour and grab a copy.

Stay locked in as CD/Cassette/Digital copies will be available here very soon:

Pre-order the Vinyl here:

Get @ me on the socials:

IG- @One9Ate7

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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