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Captain Co salutes The Nextmen - Get Over It

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

The NextMen have been releasing music since 1996 after their remix on London Posse's 'Style'. From then they have released a multitude of albums and singles, remixed for some huge names and have played live at many different festivals and private parties.

I first heard their music in a little, well known record shop in Soho called Mr Bongo. I walked in there on one of my fortnightly shopping trips up town and discovered a wealth of UK artists that I had never heard before.

After being handed 'Get Over It' over the counter I proceeded to pull the pristine vinyl out of the bright red mint condition sleeve, place it on the platter, cue the needle and have my mind blown.

This album has funky uptempo beats (wow that statement makes me sound like my Dad) with clever sampling and modern musical bass lines. When listening to it I envision myself at one of the greatest parties in the world. A party that you would see on a Hollywood movie. A party I hate to say that I would never be invited to.

Featuring artists on here such as Dynamite MC, Ty, Cutty Ranks & Rodney P. if you haven't heard this album I urge you to listen.

Its hard to choose a favourite track as they are all so great (seriously) but, gun to my head, I would have to say High Score. The clever sampling from the 1982 Namcon game Xeviour, with it's distinctive bass line and kicking drums which hit in and out of a drum and bass style pattern. Couple these elements with Dynamite's clever lyrics and rhyming flow makes it a true heavy hitter for me.

My copy of this record is battered. Its has been played on many pirate radio and party sets and will continue to be played till the day I cease to exist.

I salute you 'The NextMen'

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Captain Co

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