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Deeq - Obsidian (Review)

Gold on the Mixer proudly present the debut solo-release from Deeq

"OBSIDIAN" which is released on March 5th.

Guest Features:


Tang the Pilgrim

Recommended Tracks:

White Roses


Oxblood Sweater


Deeq's meticulous bars are brimming with metaphor-fuelled imagery, shrouded in mysticism and delivered in his captivating and engaging style, while the guest features on the project are kept to a minimum with Amos and Tang the Pilgrim as the only contributors to the already impressive levels of lyricism on display. The albums feels haunting and almost mythical as Deeq takes you on a mental journey that's almost half dream, half hallucination - it's ice cold & dark but somehow beautiful as well.

Deeq & Zatoichi have a great working chemistry together; the bars and delivery are matched beautifully by brooding, ominous soundscapes which range from dusty and drum heavy to cold, isolated and drum absent instrumental cuts provided by one of my favourite current beatmakers.

Gold on the Mixer are quickly becoming one of the hottest prospects in the UK scene and this album will only add to their credentials. It's great to see an underground roster make the move into physical releases as well, as the lead single Bloodline feat. Amos (B/W Ball & Chain) is out now on extremely Limited Edition slab of 7" Obsidian-black vinyl.

This album tears up the Hip Hop rule-book, only to send it back into the world in the form of a ransom note...Highly recommended.

Click on the image above to pick up a copy of the album and a very limited edition Obsidian-black 7" vinyl.

G.O.T.M is the squad.


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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