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Ill Move Sporadic - Drug Corpse II : Body Disposal (Review)

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

IMS Drug Corpse II : Body Disposal [Starch Records] (April 2020)

Ill Move Sporadic (One Boss & Ben81) return with the long overdue sequel to 2013's "Drug Corpse".

IMS have once again recruited some of the most talented artists from our scene with this release, their quality control is extremely high when it comes to the lyricists and guests involved which this time round include long time collaborator - Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods and arguably the best battle rapper in the UK - Tenchoo, amongst others.

The pair use as much hardware wherever possible, giving them their distinctive boom bap sound and keeping it true to the essence of Hip Hop. The drums are neck snapping and hypnotic the samples are ghostly which combine perfectly to create something truly wonderful for the calibre of MC's to unleash their venomous bars on.

Ill Move Sporadic releases come few and far between but each time they do they up their game and build on the previous efforts foundations to create something really spectacular. It's criminal to say but you probably won't find this in your more mainstream Top 10's for 2020, however with that being said real talent shines through and I can safely say this is right up there as one of the most solid releases that 2020 has offered up so far.

Another great release from the production duo.

Recommended tracks:

Agro feat. Ash the Author

Snake Venom feat. Tenchoo

Drug Slur feat. The Strange Neighbour

Poser Rap feat. Tenchoo

Available on digital here and all good streaming platforms:

Also keep your fingers crossed as there's rumours of a vinyl release somewhere down the line.

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