Mick Swagger - Magnifique (Review)

[March 26th]

Mick Swagger is geared up to drop his second album, Magnifique - the follow up to 2019's self-produced debut - Villianaire. Mick's spent a shit load of money on this so buy the CD and tell your friends.

Guest Features:

Micall Parknsun



George Bucks

Doc Terror


DJ Madhandz


Production By:


Nicholas Craven

Recommended Tracks:

Jesus in Adidas

Bars for Life

Buss Fire

Love for You

Mick Swagger is one of my favourite artists to emerge from the midst of our small and often stagnating scene over the past couple of years. He's got stacks of charisma with a proper effortless flow and he just seems to be packing punch after punch after punch. He's one of only a handful of artists who can easily rap circles around the rest of the current generation of emcee's and still not begin to break a sweat.

Farmabeats (fka Farma G of Task Force) has cooked up some absolutely superb beats for Uncle Mick to go berserk on that sound as though they they've been stripped straight from a mid-2000's Task Force project with Nicholas Craven adding the icing to the cake with a healthy dose of heavy Boom Bap.

A healthy dose of dope guest features keep the project ticking over smoothly with Micall Parknsun and Uncle Mick showing great mic chemistry (Joint EP any time soon?) as they collide on two of the tracks while another stand out track is the HUGE posse cut Buss Fire with killer cuts from DJ Madhandz that showcases a who's who of tomorrows UKHH icons and to top it all off the album is mixed & mastered by none other than the legendary, DJ Jazz T.