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Montener the Menace - Group Therapy (Single/Review)

Montener the Menace has dropped a brand new single "Group Therapy" which serves as closure to his first album and also a prelude to his forthcoming album "Anyone Home" which be be released in the Spring via Certain Sound.

The track was originally slated to appear on the Croydon wordsmith's 2nd album but after a bit of a reshuffle after signing with his new label the tune has been taken off the project and has been released independently as a stand-alone single which bridges the gap perfectly between "I Have a Hidden Hobby" and the forthcoming "Anyone Home"

Produced by Keynotez, the beat is a wonderful slab of Boom Bap - a beautifully upbeat, looping string and vocal sample with smacking, head-nodding snares for Montener the Menace to deliver a great story-telling narrative based on a Group Therapy session. The session is home to some seriously unique and sometimes sinister characters, one of which you may remember from his previous album.

The story telling is enthralling and it's extremely impressive the way he switches between the characters and how he then delivers their narratives in a unique way making each part of the session stand out from the other.

This is a great concept that has been executed with precision, you can grab the single now from any of the links below:

Make sure you follow him on social media for all the latest updates for "Anyone Home"



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