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Oblique Strategies - Raw Pastiche (Pre-order)

Mr Brown & Cappo join forces as Oblique Strategies and present to you "Raw Pastiche" which is available to pre-order tonight from 6pm.

1.Oblique Strategies (Intro)

2.Bar Cardio

3.Bleach & Blue Flames

4.Monsters Inc

5.Cognoscenti ft. Confucius MC

6.Houdini Method

7.Black Out ft. VVV

8.Numbers Up


10.Tooth & Nail


Make sure you check the video for "Bar Cardio"

“This work doesn’t equate to that of Eno and Schmidt, but the intention is there. To articulate an ideology—bring what we have obsessed over, studied and cultivated for years—and present it in unheard, unparalleled ways. Illustrated in a new shade, but with borrowed tools, wrought from a much-used urn”- Cappo


Released November 23, 2020 All tracks produced by Mr Brown Recorded and mixed by Mr Brown at Echo Base All vocals written by Cappo Recorded at 1st Blood Empire, Nottingham UK Engineered by Pete 1st Blood Additional vocals on ‘Cognoscenti’ written by Confucius MC Recorded at Lab Time Studios London UK Engineered by Jehst Additional vocals on ‘Black Out’ written by Vandal Savage & Juga-Naut Recorded at VVVISIONS Arthouse Studios Nottingham UK Engineered by Juga-Naut Mixed & mastered by Mr Brown @ Echo Base Design/layout by Bee graphics

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