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Oh What a Carry On (feat. Farma G)

Wolfgang Von Vanderghast……... I think firstly I must pay respects to a man who uses a name as creative as that to release his music under. Long gone are the days of the standard two syllable nouns used to name oneself. Now is the dawn of the new name, names such as Wolfgang Von Vanderghast and ones like my own, Captain Co, conjures up imagery of myths and adventure.

Actually, with a name like that, I can see us becoming arch enemies and fantasy stories being told of epic battles to rule one of the six corners of the make-believe land of Old Prickulare. Well , I could see that, if he were not such a nice ole chap anyway.

Now that we have gone off on a tangent and you have had a slight insight as to how my mind works, I will get back to the track in hand and what a track it is.

Listen to 'Oh What A Carry On' when reading this article simply by

pressing play

Released under SFDB Records,this label has been about for around two decades and has a catalogue with names such as Lewis Parker, Secondson, Plague, Fleapit, Conrad Watts, Sir Beans OBE and Mr Splee under its belt. With names like these you know you’re in good hands and are in for a positive listening experience.

Wolfgang Von Vanderghast has plenty previous experience in the field of production. Under his old aliases he has worked with heavy hitters such as Homeboy Sandman, Dope D.O.D., Skindredd, Roni Size, WordSmiff, Genesis Elijah and Joe Blow to name just a few. After a ten-year sabbatical he is now back and heavier than ever.

This track does not disappoint. Old school sampling techniques used here are quite apparent. A handful of records and some Carry-on Samples makes this track interesting and individual sounding whilst retaining that old school UK sound that I grew up on. This bouncy happy, slightly eerie sounding tune could work just as well in a Scooby Doo episode as it could in a hip-hop night or festival. The hard-hitting drums punch through the melodic musical sampling to give this track a hard hitting feel to it.

Farma G, who needs no introduction, provides the vocals over this one. He somehow manages his rhyme style, unsurprisingly, with recognisable, laid back, easy going flow that is characteristic of himself. His tone fits like a puzzle piece to complete this eartastic experience and I don’t feel that there is another MC in the UK that would suit this track more. Oh What A Carry On is mixed and mastered by W.V.V, himself and the legend that is Secondson. Everything kicks, pops, crackles and punches as you want it to and the whole track sits and fits together perfectly.

On reflection whilst writing this brief article I don’t feel that myself and W.V.V. would be arch enemies as I initially suggested. I actually think that we would be accomplices destroying the lands of house and county music with our sampling swords and scratching spears and together we would rule the make-believe land of Old Prickulare and bring UK Hip Hop to lands far away and the world would be happy and joyous because they will all find out why we all (you are included in this if you are reading this) love UK Hip Hop.

Big ups Wolfgang Von Vanderghast for this one. Captain Co salutes you and BoomBop cant wait for future releases.

Listen to Oh What a Carry On (feat. Farma G)

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