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Phoenix Da Icefire & Husky Brown - Panacea (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Phoenix Da Icefire x Husky Brown - Panacea (New Dawn Records 2020)

"Panacea: a solution/remedy for all difficulties or diseases"

Phoenix Da Icefire & Husky Brown join together and proudly bring you "Panacea" an 18 track, almost psychedelic masterpiece which discards the normal Hip Hop rulebook.

Panacea has been nominated for Best Independent Album at the UK AIM Music Awards.

Guest vocals provided by:

Natalie May

Reece Jackson

Chantelle Small

Recommended tracks:

Shake Things Up

Judgement Day

Travelling Buddy

The Humans are Coming

Phoenix sounds like honey for your soul, delicately drizzled over Husky Brown's varied style of sonically pleasing, bass heavy beats. Husky Brown's crate digging expertise and ability to flip a multitude of samples is on full display here - He weaves between genres and influences while still being rooted to the Hip Hop blueprint. Phoenix da Icefire is on impeccable form lyrically and thematically - touching on subjects such as the climate crisis, racism, mental health, well being, spirituality and personal development.

Many have tried to tackle these subjects before and most ultimately end up falling short by not providing any substance to their content...Not here though. You can hear Phoenix passion and commitment to the topics at hand. While he doesn't claim to have the solutions to all of these problems, he has a very honest and wholehearted attempt at resolving and advising on them in his own way. This is the most truthful body of work he has put out there.

This is a very cohesive, empowering and uplifting body of work and one of my favourite releases - Without a doubt this a strong contender for album of the year.

Highly recommended.

Available Vinyl here:

Digital here:

and all good streaming services.

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