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Phoenix Da Icefire x The Strange Neighbour - Cinematic (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Phoenix Da Icefire x The Strange Neighbour - Cinematic (RVG024) [1st September 2020]

An epic that's almost been 10 years in the making...The most anticipated release of the Summer is finally here...Presented to you on luxurious double Vinyl, CD and Cassette.....

Revorg Records proudly bring you the long awaited feature length presentation "Cinematic" starring Phoenix Da Icefire and The Strange Neighbour.

With supporting roles by some of the genres most enthralling and critically acclaimed performers: Kevlaar 7, Copywrite, Manage, eMCee Killa, Teslas Ghost, Da Flyy Hooligan,

Genesis Elijah, Big Cakes, Logic, Fliptrix, Verb T, Mic Assassin, Big Toast Jack Diggs, Kyza,

Cappo and Scribblah Dangogh.

The album itself has been safely nestled away on a hard drive for the last few years: Hovering in the shadows like a beast, waiting for the right time to emerge from hibernation. Don't get it twisted though, when you make Hip Hop as well crafted as this, it doesn't age, it sounds as though it could have been recorded at any time and holds it's own against anything released over the past 18 months.

Lyrically, this is what fans want and expect from Phoenix Da Icefire, his imagery is extremely vivid, he is sharp as ever and his pen is as deadly as they come, keeping you engaged and hanging onto every syllable. The production by The Strange Neighbour really is on point. The dusty sample flips and hard snapping drums are tight and crafted with intricacy giving the perfect backing for Phoenix Da Icefire to do what he does best on an album that hits relentlessly from the needle drop and continues to do so throughout.

There are two very minor exceptions to this with "Blue Movie" & "Chick Flick" thematically they fit in well however they tend to stray from the overall sound of the project. With the guest vocals on "Chick Flick" "Stuntman" and "Behind the Spotlight" being far from poor lyrically and vocally, it can be slightly jarring on the first run through to hear a melodic hook on such a heavy album.

The guest verses are really solid, they have put together a real all star cast and I can definitely see the internet debating who had the best verse on "Expendables" for a long time.

Over all if you're a fan of raw, gritty beats & razor sharp lyricism, this one's for you. A real blockbuster release for 2020.

**Don't forget to stay put for a post-credits scene that you do NOT want to miss**

Recommended tracks include:

"Blood Money" feat. Kevlaar 7


"Expendables" - (A real UK Hip Hop superhero ensemble)

"Psychological Thriller"

"Phoenix Da Icefire VS The Strange Neighbour"

"Behind the Spotlight"

CD's and Cassettes are now SOLD OUT but it's still available on Vinyl/Digital from and streaming on all your favourite streaming services.


"If it ain't Revorg, why bother"

Check out the video for "Expendables" here:

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