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QRed - Postcards from the Edge (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020


QRed returns once more to put Wales back where it belongs on the Hip Hop map.

With this latest release he's recruited some legendary and superbly gifted emcee's from both sides of the Atlantic for this atmospheric, some might even say it's a Post-Apocalyptic Boom Bap banger -

"Postcards from the Edge"

Guest features:

Shaz Illyork

Rome Streetz

Ruste Juxx

Micall Parknsun

Ray Vendetta

Junior Disprol

Dirt Platoon

Tesla's Ghost


Cuts by:


Recommended tracks:

Ready for Whatever

Dead Soldiers

Shark Infested Waters

End of The Line

The beats are a blend of that timeless mid-90's gritty New York sound and some really out there atmospheric bangers. The samples have been shredded to pieces, built back up and looped with precision over really tight drums with just enough reverb on those snares to start snapping your vertebrae. Everything has been intricately designed and delicately placed so much so that you can hear that he's poured his absolute heart and soul into this project.

All the featured emcee's are on on exceptional form and it is a testament to his high quality production that he can attract so many big names here. Besides the superb lead single featuring Ruste Juxx & Micall Parknsun, it's Junior Disprol and Cappo who stand out for me.

It's always good to hear new tracks from guys who have been in the game for such a long time but still retain their prestige and always manage to add to their untainted back catalogues.

It's refreshing to hear such a contrast of styles and rhyme schemes from each side of the pond over this vintage style of production and even better for some of these to mesh together on a track and subsequently sound so natural and fluid unlike most of the more recent US/UK collaborations which sound like they're the product of a bedroom producer with a bag of acappella's and a cracked copy of Ableton.

This is a really solid body of work from QRed and another great addition to the Boom Bap Pro catalogue.

This is probably the best producer led album that you will hear this year, highly recommended.

Available now on Digtal/Cassette and also a slick T-shirt/Cassette bundle, while stocks last:

Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

IG- @One9Ate7

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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