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Shotgun The Bars (Competition)

AYO AYO AYO AYO! The Shotgun The Bars contest is now open to all worthy competitors, share this far and wide 'cause if you're anything like me you're gonna want to see the every style and Postcode known making an appearance on this. All you gotta do to enter is follow the below steps:

  1. - Download this LP (Here)

  2. - Pick one of the beats available

  3. - Record a 16 (Videos must be UNDER 1 minute)

  4. - Send a video to

  5. - Upload you submission to Instagram (Tag #ShotgunTheBars #ShotgunTheAux)

The cut off date for the qualifying round is Jan 31st.

Details for subsequent rounds will be announced at a later date

Prizes include feature on the Shotgun The Aux podcast plus more....

Connect with Shotgun The Aux on IG here: @Shotguntheaux

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