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Slippy Skills - New Year, New Me (prod. by DJ Nappa)

Slippy Skills hooks up with fellow Luton resident (and Legendary UK producer) DJ Nappa for the brilliant new single "New Year, New Me".

Slippy Skills, after much deliberation, has decided to leave his old life behind and become a full on wanker for 2021. Gone are the tracksuits and snapbacks and junk food, in are the boating jackets, loafers and a new vegan diet.

Nah, i'm kidding, seriously though, he's on Kilimanjaro type levels as on this banger. Effortlessly dropping rapid-fire rhymes over Nappa's slick, throwback production that sounds like it's lifted straight from a mid-2000's Phi Life Cypher album. Slippy has that skippy, high-octane flow that on paper shouldn't work with this type of throwback, Boom Bap beat but it absolutely does and does to great effect resulting in a head nodding assault that will leave you dizzy trying to play catch up.

While it's early days yet, let's wait until 2022 to see if he sticks to his New Years Resolutions.

You can peep the hilarious new video below that's been done by Slippy himself but before you do make sure you hit him up for some proper fresh garms. The Zoot shirts and sweatshirts are proper high quality, you can pick them up here

You can stream New Year, New Me on Spotify here

Big up Slippy Skills and Runt Life Records


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

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