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Tenchoo - Live from the Crojo (January 2020) (Review)

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Tenchoo - Live from the Crojo (January 2020)

The renowned freestyle behemoth and veteran battle rapper returned like the Prodigal Son to drop his 3rd solo album.

"Live from the Crojo" dropped in January which criminally, flew under the radar for a lot of UKHH fans.

Guest verses and additional vocals by - Life MC, Sara Manfredda, Consensus, Midi Intellect, Minx, AnyWay Tha God, Lyr1cal, Manic Maestros, Slumlord83, Joey Menza, Gi3mo, Jake The Ripper, Rissa & Big Daddy Rap Beast.

Cuts by Downstroke & DJ Versatile and Production by Jinxtrumentals, Vic Grimes, Headsessions Soundsystem, Idealist eMCee, Sinarmatic, DJ Evi Denz, George Fields, Mr. Bigz, DJ Anode, Haji, Form Constant, Plazid & Pro.P

Recommend tracks:

Lonely At The Top From An Ideal World Pyroglyphics The Bangathon

Razor sharp lyricism backed by some really solid, cinematic boom bap production and a couple of laugh out loud skits thrown in for good measure. Tenchoo spits with excessive swagger and self-satisfaction but unlike the majority of emcee's - He has the skills to back it up. He's one of a very small number of artists who sound hungry on everything they touch.

One of the most underrated releases in 2020.

Available to purchase digitally from: and to stream on all the major platforms.

Get @ me on the socials: IG- @One9Ate7 Twitter- @One9Ate7 Facebook- One9Ate7

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