Wolfgang Von Vanderghast & Billy Phono -5 Minutes

Bard Picasso Records are proud to present the fantastic collaborative EP '5 Minutes' from Wolfgang Von Vanderghast & producer Billy Phono.

Wolfgang Von Vanderghast & Billy Phono have discovered the remedy to the ever-growing consumerism led society and it's craving for immediate satisfaction and gratification. Packed full of punchy, hypnotic drum loops and a fantastic display of lyrical ability - '5 Minutes' ticks all the boxes that Hip Hop fans adore. The project is a fantastic concept, executed with immense skill and precision as the style of delivery and production blend together harmoniously.

Tracklist: 1-Bronson Esque 2-40 Is The New 60 3-Sour Patch Kids 4-God Damn Stank 5-Friendly Fire The only question now is - 'Do you have a spare 5 minutes?'

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