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Zatoichi's Ears - Chronos Kitchen Sabotage EP (Review)

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Zatoichi's Ears - Chronos Kitchen Sabotage EP (Gold on the Mixer) [September 16th 2020]

The London based beat & swordsmith drops his latest release via his Gold on the Mixer imprint. The whole project was written, produced and recorded entirely during lockdown by Zatoichi's Ears while half the world was in chaos, he retreated to the lab to cook this one up.

The 3 track EP is laced with some earth trembling bass and delicately sprinkled keys and nice sample chops over airtight, neck snapping drums.

Content wise, each track delves into video game territory having been inspired by Blasphemous, Katana Zero and The Messenger.


1-Mea Culpa 2-Zero 3-Kusari Jackets

It's quite niche conceptually but the storytelling is done well and keeps you hooked, add that to the impressively sonic production and you're good to go. The only downside is that it spans less than 10 minutes, it would be great to hear more like this maybe a concept albums in the future.

Go check it out.

Available to name your price digitally here:

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