One9Ate7 PR & Artist Management Services
Notts based, Promo, PR & Artist Management Services - I predominantly specialise in Hip Hop but have experience dealing with clients in multiple genres such as D&B, Jungle and Electronic music with strong industry links with DJ's and Radio, Blogs, Podcasts, Record Labels, Videographers, Graphic Designers and Magazines.

I offer high quality, competitively priced services that are suitable for any budget:
Press Releases, Artist Bios, Reviews, Spotify Playlist Placement, Artist Management, Targeted Email Campaigns. 

Artists & Labels I've worked with:
Wordsmiff Flip, Manage, eMCee Killa, Skirmish, Conflix, Apex Zero, Red Master, Conscious Route, Deeq, Brighty, Montener the Menace, Frisco Boogie, Big Daddy Rap Beast, KAO, Cactus Corino, Heavy Links, Lab79, Hellfire Corner Records, Certain Sound Records, Bard Picasso Records, Gold on the Mixer, Soundweight Records, Next Phase Records.


 "As a critic/reviewer an understanding of music should first and foremost followed closely by a passion for expressing how the music makes you feel so that the audience almost feels as if they were there with you while you listen. One9Ate7 scores highly on both of these factors. A true fan of Hip Hop music!!!" - Frisco Boogie

 “One9Ate7’s PR services were the most essential and cost effective part of my album’s marketing campaign. I would highly recommend them for any artist looking to increase their audience reach and get on radio playlists.” - Red Master

 "One9Ate7 is an absolute pleasure to work with. He takes his time to network and get to know the people he promotes. From mere acquaintances, we have become good friends. I have recommended One9Ate7 to other people who are planning to work with him in the near future. His press releases are second to none and even after the initial release of a single or full project, he continues to push for radio play, blog space and Spotify playlist placement. One9Ate7 has become an integral conversation within Bard Picasso releases." - Jay Rede, Bard Picasso Records Co-owner

 "One9Ate7 shows a real passion and has an extensive knowledge of UK hip-hop. He writes honest and constructive reviews for and my record label used him to write four exceptional promo blasts for the singles from my recent album. These helped me get songs played by DJ Premier, Chuck D and DJ Eclipse on their radio shows. I’d highly recommend One9Ate7 for helping to take your music to the next level."  - Montener the Menace

 "One9Ate7 has his finger on the pulse when it comes to new music - Reviews are always on point and when it's time for me to purchase new music, I always head to him for what's good!" - Amanda, Hellfire Corner Records

 "One9Ate7...a force to be reckoned with! A pure hip-hop connoisseur, a great writer and one of the most supportive people in the scene I have met...I am mad grateful for the effort, time and work Josh has put in to help me get my work and music seen and heard across various platforms, he's accelerated my work-rate, which has helped me believe in myself that much more. Much more work to come from us both soon!" - Delle Lau AKA RavenEyeCreatives

 "One9Ate7 is a real gem, a certified proponent of the underground Hip-Hop scene in the UK. His reviews are measured, thoughtful and nigh on poetic. I needed a press release for my album, Obsidian - so I acquired his services. Nothing was too much trouble, his communication was great and the finished article was impeccable. Look no further if you want to take the promotion of your music to the next level." - Deeq

Additional published works:
Leftlion Magazine, Wordplay Magazine, IAmHipHop Magazine,, Killa Tapes.

Nottingham City