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UK Hip Hop Hub

Following is a list of blogs and websites supporting the scene

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BLOGS  and 'zines

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Ginger Slim

Dont forget to check out the Blog

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A one-man blog with a focus on independent UK and US hip hop, as well as occasional posts about soul, funk, jazz, DnB, grime and anything else that takes my fancy

Legendry radio station with blog attached. Check here for hottest updates with big focus on UK Hip Hop releases.

Shouts to Itch FM was established in 1999 as a non-profit online magazine with the sole aim of providing an alternative source of hip-hop news, views, and interviews.

One of the biggest websites for

UK Hip Hop

itch fm circle.jpeg

Running for nearly 3 years, this blog

has given consistent informative

reviews from across the specrtum of

UK Hip Hop


Blog meets online 'zine

This site has a huge selection of

worldwide articles with a large

selection of UK Hip Hop articles

and releases

uk hip hop blog insta.jpg

Instagram blog posting photos and short videos of new and classic hip hop

suspect packages.png

Suspect packages news feed

giving information on

new releases available from 

the in site shop

blatantly blunt.jpeg

Bonafide is an international multi genre mag featuring occasional articles on

UK Hip Hop


Blog Running since 2007. Focusing on UK Hip Hop, Grime and Dancehall with a seasoning of Art thrown in for good measure. A blog not to be missed

Reddit group with 5.5 thousand

members. Often posted to 

multiple times a day, this regularly updated blog has fresh

hip hop posts along with classic videos and songs

urban vault uk.png

Long running well polished blog. Featuring both UK and US urban music. with events, interviews and more. This site covers styles from across the rap spectrum.

The only running Scottish Hip Hop

blog that focuses entirely on Scottish Rap. Check here to find out latest releases and news from the Scottish Rap scene.

scottish flag.png
one lion.jpeg
the reload.jpg
TY 1.jpeg

Blog where you can not only find out about their own releases but also some of the hottest music videos and releases from across the UK. Plus also featuring guest mixes from some great DJ's from over the nation


OK so there is only 3 posts on here at time of writing but come on this is "Hi, my name is TY'.

Big up TY

Fantastic blog with posts of 

music that is only pure fire.

A big focus on the heavier side

of UK rap.

Dont forget to check out the Blog

Want to write for our blog? Send us a message HERE

Wordplay Magazine - bringing you the best features on hip hop in the UK and Graffiti culture since 2002. Daily updates with album reviews, streaming exclusive new music and the best videos.

BritHopTV is an online UK Hip-Hop/Grime hub, bringing you the latest music videos, interviews, live shows, TV appearances, freestyles, battles/clashes, behind the scenes footage, and any other video related stuff.

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