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Lee Scott
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Blah Records' art director and co-founder; Lee Scott grew up on a council estate in Runcorn Town which no longer exists as it was deemed dead shit and thus knocked down. When he wasn't running along the space in between the back garden fences and bushes making various animal noises and threatening old people, he would be in his house banging spoons against boxes in an attempt to make his own music. He one day decided to invent his own genre and started making rap songs before he knew what a rapper was at the exact age of 3 years, 4 months, 2 weeks and 5 days old using the family boombox stereo with in-built mic. Who would of known this small town technically advanced child-savant suffering from multiple personality disorder would go on to become a cult hip hop hero? His Grandad.

Quite simply, Lee Scott is one of the most respected lyricists and general figures in the game, end of. Many a rapper have been directly influenced by his music and style ever since he burst on to the scene along side rhyme-partner Salar in the early 2000's.

Lee is seen as the public figurehead for the label that he started with his friends back in 2006. Blah has grown into one of the most revered hip hop collectives and brands around today and that is largely thanks to the vision and drive that he brings to the table. An accomplished producer as well as a rapper, his beats are probably as good as his raps, and he has also played a key creative role in every project he has managed, from Antiheroes right the way through to Cult Mountain.

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