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Cult of the Damned
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Cult Of The Dammed were initially the result of two crews, one from the North and another from the South of England, combining to form one of the most unique and talented rap collectives around today.

‘COTD’ (known previously as Children of The Damned) released two acclaimed albums; ‘Tourettes Camp’ and ‘Brick Pelican’, in 2007 and 2009 which secured their status as British Rap music heavyweights.

In 2015, a reformation of the legendary COTD crew occurred. Now called ‘Cult of The Damned’, this group includes the original members as well as newer members of the highly influential Blah Records label roster. An EP was released that same year and achieved success with the music video for the self-titled track ‘Cult of The Damned’ which is now the most-viewed video on the Blah YouTube channel.

The supercrew released a full length album in 2018 entitled; 'Part Deux: Brick Pelican Posse Crew Gang Syndicate' which embodies their signature raw and unadulterated, kill-the-beat style of Rap music.

The album further cements the group as one of the most incredibly gifted, excellent, God-like, magnificently brilliant group of consummately-skilled, hyper-elite rap superheroes of all time ever.

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