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4 Flew Over - Live From the Cuckoo's Nest

Hellfire Corner Records proudly present the long-anticipated release of 4 Flew Over – ‘Live from the Cuckoo’s Nest’

The trio consisting of Omus One, OCD & the dearly departed Filth Mitchell seamlessly combine their distinct voices, styles and unique delivery to let loose a whole barrage of potent, poison penmanship.

Spanning a short but solid 6-tracks and ranging in sound from classically styled, bass heavy Boom Bap all the way down to scarce, haunting pianos with thudding drums, the production has been masterfully woven together by 7th Sense, Skint and Hush1.

The emcee trio ferociously frolic and flow like no other group could as their unparalleled chemistry seeps through the pores of every track and is emphasised by every kick and snare making ‘Live from the Cuckoo's Nest’ an instant favourite in the hearts of UK Hip Hop fans.

Grab a copy from Bandcamp HERE

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