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Alecs DeLarge x Ash the Author - Vampires (Review)

Live from Castlevania this Samhain, Alecs DeLarge and Ash the Author reunite yet again to deliver some Nosferatu stomping action over sublime AKAI S950/MPC 2000 production.

Ash flows effortlessly over this head nodding break, reeling off bars with his distinctive voice and trademark precision wordplay. The track itself is a smooth, laid back number wit a great bass line and vocal sample.

I'm hoping to hear a lot more from this duo going forward into 2021 as they've just announced an album together. They have great chemistry as Alecs' beats are perfect blend of old school Boom Bap with a modern twist that both match and compliment Ash's style of penmanship and his uniqe delivery. In my eyes they can do no wrong.

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