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Amos x Kebabus Beats - Razor (Review)

(BBP74 - April 26th 2021)

"Hard work pays off...Dreams come true...Bad times don't last...But Bad Guys do..."

Recommended Tracks:

Da Bad Guy


Razor in his Eyelids

Kliq Kliq

Guest Features



Yung Lung (aka Lil Amos)

In Wrestling circles, Dean Malenko was know as The Man of 1,000 Holds and when it's all said and done, I have no doubt that Amos aka Sausage Spine aka Ram Ram Bigelow will be remembered as The Man of 1,000 Bars.

I'm a firm believer that Hip Hop and Pro-Wrestling go hand in hand - both allow you to suspend your belief for a few minutes with it's outlandish characters, pageantry and the technical ability displayed by it's performers.

Razor blurs these lines perfectly, using Wrestling Promo's as skits and hooks as well as within the content itself, proceeding to pack a hell of a punch with some seriously dope references thrown in for good measure which serve to tie the project together.

Amos drops more quotables on Razor than Ric Flair has title wins and all the guests deliver with PPV quality verses. It's absolutely amazing to hear Yung Lung spit with the same focus and integrity on tracks as his brother does - showing that talent can be deeply rooted within your DNA, it's almost like the iconic Bret and Owen Hart sharing the ring. The Main Event here though is Amos & PhoreCite's chemistry together, it's an absolute pleasure to hear these two well rounded Emcee's go punch for punch for just over a quarter of the album, their contrasting voices really fit well together and their styles gel impeccably as they go on to tag each other into the bout at a drop of a hat and with no stuttering or awkwardness. Kebabus sets the pace throughout with some diverse and ever-heavy production that reels right back and smacks you in the face like a good old Bionic elbow.

Say Hello to the Bad Guy today - Razor is available now from Boom Bap Professionals, so head over to your favourite streaming services or grab it HERE...


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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