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Amos x Palmer Eldritch - Unhappy Birthday (Review)

Gold on the Mixer continue their massive unbeaten streak well into 2021 with the latest collaborative release from heavyweights, Amos & Palmer Eldritch.

Recommended Tracks:


Dutch Auction

Don't Know, Where?


Additional vocals:

Eliza Rose

'Unhappy Birthday' is the bastard offspring of a Shane Meadows' drama and David Lynch's surrealism in spoken form. Production-wise, collaborative partner Palmer Eldritch digs deep into dusty crate territory and comes up with absolute gold - precision programming on the drums and supplying a tight-knit combination of brooding cinematic soundscapes and haunting hints of psychedelia as Amos guides the listener on this lugubrious and claustrophobic journey. Ever-present is his off-kilter humour, trademark cynicism as well as his distinct method of dispersing this complex, well-honed style. As far as guests features, this time around the only respite from Amos diction comes from Eliza Rose beautiful vocal contribution that compliments and add's a nice contrast to the project. Another great feature is the inclusion of the voicemail messages peppered throughout creating a clever segue from one track into the next.

One of my favourite things about any Amos project is that it's always different from previous ones and for someone with such an expansive body of work, this is never an easy task to accomplish without treading on old ground.

This is Amos unconcealed, self-reflecting and raw as he broaches subjects rarely tackled making 'Unhappy Birthday' one of the most interesting and enjoyable releases you will hear this year....I cannot recommend this one enough.

'Unhappy Birthday' can be pre-ordered on digital/limited edition cassette which includes a hand-written birthday card, badge, sticker and party popper HERE from Gold on The Mixer...


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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