Amos x Tommy P-Nuts - Postcard Poetry EP (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Amos x Tommy P-Nuts - Postcard Poetry EP

(Certain Sound Records) [28th August 2020]

Amos brings an unhinged style of mild eccentricity and an off-kilter flow interlaced with some heavy emotional storytelling, presented here over smooth, LoFi yet still unorthodox production provided by Tommy P-Nuts.


1-Postcard 1

2-Postcard 2

3-Postcard 3

4-Postcard 4

5-Postcard 1 (Instrumental)

6-Postcard 2 (Instrumental)

7-Postcard 3 (Instrumental)

8-Postcard 4 (Instrumental)

Short, sweet and sonically a lot different to the rest of the scene this 8 track EP also includes the instrumental versions. This is a great concept executed with skill.

We live in a world where everyone is searching for immediate attention to massage their ego via social media - this has practically destroyed the written and spoken word but before it's finally laid to rest, here's one last postcard from Amos & Tommy P-Nuts.

Check it out now on Digital & Ltd run of 50 Blue Cassettes:

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