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Anyway Tha God x Daniel Niles - Allow God to Interject: Remixes (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Anyway Tha God and Daniel Niles use the current lockdown restrictions as a means to flex their own skills and to bridge the gap towards their future projects with a masterfully re-worked take on the 2019 album: "Allow God to Interject"

Guest features:






Recommended tracks:


Call it like I See it

Earth Heaven Earth Hell

Left Handed Warlords

While his delivery is usually pretty laid back Anyway Tha God still sounds voracious throughout, like a tightly coiled spring waiting to snap at any minute, full of pent up energy. Lyrically he's on point throught out and it really does come across as though he could rhyme for days as words rhymes just seem to pour out of him.

The beats on this are solid - Packed to the brim with bass heavy kicks and neck cracking snares that smack over some great dusty samples, the whole project is eerie and atmospheric.

You can tell these guys go back quite a bit as their chemistry is great and Daniel Niles production is really well suited Anyway Tha God enhancing his already well rounded cadence and delivery. I'm really looking forward to hearing more from these guys going forward.

While similar in tone to the original, it varies just enough to allow stand out on it's own merit and is a great accompanying piece to the original, if i hand't know it was a remix project beforehand i would have been none the wiser as it's been done with great attention and skill.

Check it out...

Available on Ltd Edition Cassette and Digital here:

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