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Blue City - Into the Void (Review)

(Bard Picasso Records)

For those of you who don't know - Blue City are Hip Hop duo Jay-Rede & Formal Brown hailing from sunny Cardiff and their debut album Into the Void comes hot on the heels of September's Out of the Blue EP which was also released on Bard Picasso Records.

Recommended Tracks:


Love You

Fire Burn

Short Answer

Guest Features & Production:

Wolfgang Von Vanderghast



Cam Solo

DW Smith

Jake The Ripper

DJ Jaffa

Pun Ra

Genesis Elijah

Kenny Cadence

Billy Phono

DJ Alkemy




More often than not with a debut release it comes in the form of massively flashy and fleshed out release with a huge amount of guests included, however in the case of Into the Void - don't let the amount of guests and producers fool you - this is far from some haphazardly cobbled together release as Blue City prove here that hard work, dedication to your craft and perseverance can generate some outstanding results. The album is a real work of Art, precision programmed drums resonate throughout the project and the overlaid samples sound like they're taken straight from a once loved but now long forgotten vinyl where your needle picks up a wedge of fluff on each rotation around the platter.

The bars are catchy and delivered with passion and integrity like only true fans of Hip Hop could. Blue City are students of the game - paying homage to what has proceeded them, while reaching out towards the future and leaving their own mark as they step into the void...

These guys don't just rep' for their City, they fly the flag for their Country while holding it down for the whole UKHH Scene. This is a very solid debut album from the duo with plenty of replay value, do yourself a favour and make sure you get a copy HERE


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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