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Blue City & Mr Substance - Mind Map

Bard Picasso Records are proud to present the latest release from Cardiff collective Blue City & Mr Substance - 'Mind Map' The duo builds on the momentum gained throughout the last year and return to steal the show alongside some stellar guest features from label mates, affiliates and all-round Hip-Hop icon - Akil the MC (Jurassic 5) over the masterfully crafted production of Mr Substance.

Tracklist: 1-X Marks The Spot (Feat. Risk1) 2-Ghost Town (Feat. The Honest Poet) 3-Mind Map 4-Fifth Synaptic (Feat DW Smith, Akil the MC, Wolfgang Von Vanderghast & Risk1) 5-Pretentious & Profound (Feat. All Erin Does) 6-Mental Capacity (Feat. DJ Jaffa) 7-Bright Futures (Feat. Risk1)

Hip Hop connoisseurs as well as casual listeners will be delighted throughout as the project is stacked with infectiously smooth tracks that see's the duo voraciously attack the laid-back beats with ease, displaying amazing chemistry, composure and skill.

Production-wise Mr Substance has dug deep into his crates to provide a beautiful combination of Jazzy, soulful loops and thumping Boom Bap drum-loops that guarantees to get heads nodding and feet tapping.

It's been long-overdue but with releases such as this, the Welsh Hip Hop scene is finally getting the recognition and attention it deserves... Streaming Now

Blue City & Mr Substance - 'Mind Map' is out now on all digital streaming services via Bard Picasso Records.

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