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BoomBop UK Hip Hop Radio Show Episode 5

The latest BoomBop radio show on Itch FM hosted by DJ Captain Co. We play nothing but the latest and greatest in UK Hip Hop. Catch us every other Friday 10-12pm

If you would like to be considered for radio or review please email

All beats from Miles Beyond LP by HashFinger

Fliptrix- Broken Glass (High Focus)

D'Lyfa Reilly- The Foundation (Village Live)

Context & Figirate- Pesticide ft Frogman & Bill Medley

Big Daddy Rap Beast- Simple Simon

Qred- End of the Line ft Cappo (Boom Bap Professionals)

Danny Jaqq- Winter Season

Wolfgang Von Vanderghast- Oh What a Carry On (SFBD)

K- Saulz & Mr Substance- Train of Thought ft Killer Tomato

Criptic- Creatures In The Closet

Crafty 893- Bsck It ft Big Zuu

Recco & Gimson- Gun Hearted ft Markie Bee

Chie X King Bracket- Erry Day (Brain Scran)

Sniff X Formz Dust ft CW Jones & Taurean Antoine

An!K- Sixty

MC Oliver Twist X Pandamonium- Whats it all About

Ric Flo- Roll True prod LowPass

Verbz & Mr Slipz- Decline of Self ft Confucious & Coops (High Focus)

One9 Ate7 Review Oblique Stratagies, Raw Pistache

Oblique Stratagies- Black Out ft VVV (We Stay True)

Oblique Stratagies- Numbers Up (We Stay True)

Lunar C & Hashfinger- Death Row ft P Solja & Lefty

Jehst- State of the Union (YNR)

Ramson Badbbonez- Mr White

Outlines- Milty (Certain Sounds)

Voodoo- Howlin

Oliver Sudden- Every Step ft The Strange Neighbor & Gee Bag (Revorg)

The Silhouettes Project (Kosher & Eerf Evil)- Chase it prod by Joe Beard & Outrageous Claims)

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