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BoomBopUKHH show on ItchFm. This ones big. Wicked wicked show. You don't want to miss this one!!!!

Yo, sometimes the music on my show sound something special and this one is one of those shows. I love playing UKHH and love doing my little bit to support and try to push the scene.

Click the links to go to the artist bandcamp and support!!!

All beats by Raph Stormwalker

Benny Diction- Om Shanti to Sea Shanti (BoomBapProfessionals)

Mustard Tiger- Over the Hill

Bxrbarian- Written by pain

Confucious MC- Circada 3301 ft Strange U & Lee Scott (YNR)

Tony Bontana- Happiness is Fleeting ft Rago

Figure of Speech- Hunger Pain

JPDL X Yogi Beats- 10 years ft Peter Lee & DJ Morda (PlayedOut)

Yusuf Yellow- what do you see?

Otis Mensah- Tumbleweeds

Xidus Pain- Seann Walsh

Xidus Pain- Clocking off

Xidus Pain- PeterBoro

Free1smind- terracotta (4thaculture)

Rossi ahkay x inos- synergy (4thaculture)

Mr scrolls- flying knives (4thaculture)

Rhyme cult- cultivation (4thaculture)

Airklipz X Crimson OG- The Seminar

Airklipz X Crimson OG- Same OG

Airklipz X Crimson OG- Fuck The Cycle

Airklipz X Crimson OG- On the record

Muz- Ego Death

Muz- Bye bye Kansas pt 2

Muz- Bye bye Kansas

Pitch 92- Under the sun ft Kofi Stone

Conflix- Tethered (prod manage)

Milkavelli- Run it ft playboy carti & lee scott

Red Master- Sun of God

Rhyme Cult- Cultivaton

Mac Lloyd- Sweetheart soul jam (GreenBrick)

AlexMighten- In my zone

Alex Mighten- Gravity

Alex Mighten- All ears

Kilaze- Garden Hightz

Kilaze- Lucified World

Kilaze- Golden Lust

Junior NRB- In my bag

Trademark Blud- Broken hearts

Doc Teej- Chat you shit

Summer sons- Give thanks ft C. Tappin & Miles Bonny

Sly & Estar- New track swing

King Kashmere & Alecs DeLarge- Soul Calibur (HighFocus

Harvs le toad & bo bribery- Never seem to chill

Catch me DJ Captain Co on the BoomBopUKHipHop Radio Show on Itch FM, every other Friday 10pm-Midnight

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