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Conscious Route & True Note - Lost Routes (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

(True Hold Records - October 20th 2020)

Conscious Route delivers a 20 track journey full of honest and emotional social observations backed by beats provided by True Note who has embraced many UK subculture sounds and compiled them within one cohesive project.

Guest performers:

Geoffrey Williams

Chris Greive

Cat Myers

Claire Macfarlane

Recommended tracks:



Life in the Rain

Don't Call Me

This is a nice release from the Edinburgh-based emcee that covers a lot bases thematically and sonically. There is some really relevant subject matter presented here which many emcee's in the current climate are choosing not to tackle. When he approaches these tricky subjects, he does so with his heart on his sleeve showing knowledge, depth, emotion and skill. He has a great energy and presence on the mic' which shines throughout.

This album is a great collection of tracks that contain a broad range of emotions that will appeal to hardcore and casual fans of Hip Hop.

This is a really enjoyable project, there's something for everyone to enjoy .

Check it out.

Grab a copy here:

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