CrazeTheJack - Resilience

CrazeTheJack is an emcee/producer straight out of Swansea - with a truly unique approach to his craft. His sound is gritty, unorthodox and in-your-face and adding a contemporary spin on the classic old-school Hip Hop formula.

CrazeTheJack, is particularly notable for his ferocious vocal delivery and outspoken lyricism over thumping beats and dope samples which effortlessly blend modern Hip Hop sounds with an old-school perspective. Back in February 2021 he signed with the renowned Bard Picasso Records and is now ready to present his debut release for the brand: 'Resilience'

'Resilience' is an eclectic tour de force that's bursting to the seams with tales of personal experience and highly personal content to provide a thought-provoking and heartfelt narrative to the listener. Throughout the album, CrazeTheJack's emotions and thoughts are brought to the forefront by his no-nonsense delivery coupled with his outstanding song-writing talent. You can feel every word resonate from deep within as CrazeTheJack wears his heart on his sleeve to deliver his often dark and personal content over a broad selection of fantastically produced beats - making 'Resilience' an album that many listeners will relate to on a personal level.

Tracklist: 1.Lock it Down 2.Time Bomb feat OD (Produced by Charlie J) 3.Damn Right Feat KG (Produced by Dai Griff Productions) 4.Resilience (Produced by Amasia) 5.Juggernaut 6.Drunk Feat Kenny Cadence 7.Hiccups 8.Shine (produced by Dai Griff Productions) 9.Hold That Smile feat KG & Cam Solo (Produced by Dai Griff Productions) 10.Loyalty (produced by OD) 11.Get Back up Feat Kenny Cadence 12. Work for the Weekend Feat Blue City ( Produced by Risk 1)

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