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Cyrus Malachi - The Blind Watchmaker (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Cyrus Malachi - The Blind Watchmaker (RVG029) [September 28th 2020]

Dusty, ethereal beats masterfully crafted by veteran Evil Ed and DJ Drinks serve as the canvas for Cyrus Malachi to paint his vivid imagery in the latest outing from the Triple Darkness head honcho.

The sparse yet ominous beats really enhance Cyrus Malachi's rugged wordplay and amplify his distinctive voice, grabbing the listener's attention and refusing to let go until you've absorbed every syllable of his compelling storytelling. It feels claustrophobic but not uneasy, like you're sat in the room while he recounts his tales across the table to you, staring you dead in the eye to make sure you get the picture.

Guest appearances by Ric Branson, Neter Rootz, Carmine Persico, Ray Vendetta, Lone Ninja & Teslas Ghost.

All tracks produced by Evil Ed & Dj Drinks, additional vocals by Maddy.

Recommended tracks include:

From the Essence

Knights of Malta

Murder from a Memoir


The Light We Cannot See

This is a monstrous release from Cyrus Malachi which slots effortlessly into his back catalogue next to the Basquiat EP and collaboration album, Post Modernism.

Highly recommended.

Extremely limited number of pre-orders available for Vinyl/CD/Tape/Digital from

CD/Tape/Digital to drop on the 28th September with Vinyl to follow later in the year.

"If it ain't Revorg, why bother?

Check out the video for "The Light We Cannot See" here:

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