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Daniel Niles - Carmen Suite (Review)

Daniel Niles latest album - Carmen Suite is a euphonious dedication to the love of his life, best friend and someone who he cares very deeply about with the album serving as the soundtrack that mirrors the ups and downs, the good and bad of their relationship.

Recommended tracks:



Schatzi's Eyes

Katze's Jeopardy

This is a lovely release from Daniel Niles, 12 tracks of beautifully varied samples, peppered with hard, rolling drum loops that could easily be used to score a film or TV series - it's vocal-less but you can't help but piece together a narrative in your mind when listening to this. It's a real journey and a pleasure for the ears that you really do need to hear for yourself to fully comprehend, so do yourself a favour and check it out.

Available on digital and Ltd Edition cassette from the 17th February:


Don't forget to check the video for City Waltz below.

All songs produced, arranged, recorded and mixed by Daniel Niles

Mastered by Juice at The Spice Rak

Photo by Daniel Niles

Layout by Bee Graphics


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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