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DJ Captain Co, all new UKHH on Itch FM. This ones a banger

Its been a while but I am back with the Boom Bop Radio show on Itch FM. Recorded on FRi 17th November as always on this show its nothing but fresh UK Hip Hop. All released within the last 4 weeks.

Shouts to all the artists, producers, engineers who make it happen but most of all shouts to all who support.

One Oz X Pandamonium- Dumb Stuff

Jester Jacobs X Formz- I’m a Man

Summers Sons- Give Thanks ft C.Tappin & Miles Boney

Bxrbarian- Written by pain

Mustard tiger- gravy ft Teice

Komposa- Rolling

Karlow- Ephesians

Tommy Evans, Alim Kamara- Tony Yeboah

Tommy Evans, Alim Kamara- Happy Ever After ft Aicha Theresa

Tommy Evans, Alim Kamara- Crystal Cul De Sacs ft Miss Yankey

Tommy Evans- Where You at

Karlow- the flesh

Blue City- Ghost town ft the honest poet

Confuciuous MC Circada 3301 ft Strange U & Lee Scott

Contro Vrtse- That’s Life

Conscious Route- Linking with you

Mr Scrolls- flying knifes

Verbz & Mr Slipz- Changed

Verb T & Illinformed- First step

Verb T & Illinformed- Blind Faith

Truemendius- Emmet Till ft MAsta Ace

Pitch 92- Comin Home ft Verbz

Pitch 92- 365 ft Manic MC

Ed Scissor & Lamplighter- Valentines

Ed Scissor & Lamplighter- Joysville

Datkid & illinformed- Steve Harper ft Smellington Piff


CMPND- The Culprit

JPDL, Mical Parknsun, DJ Morda- Cloud 9

Harvs Le Toad & Bo Brobary- Never Seem To Chill ft CW Jones

Ray Vendetta- Style Plates

Xidus Pain- HipHopLove

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mark josh
mark josh
Nov 07, 2023

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