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DJ Captain Co, all vinyl UK Hip Hop show

I thought as a change from the normal programme i would go through a load of my wax, old and new and play some of the UKHH that made me love the genre.

Shouts all the artists that keep it going!!!

Lewis Parker- Hold it down ft Dynas (King Underground, 2019)

Lewis Parker- Nothing but Aces (King Underground, 2019)

The Planets- Tree’s ft Prince Po (Dyna Mic Records, 2003)

Black Twang- G.C.S.E. ft K9 (Bad Magic, 2005)

Diversion Tactics- 2084 ft Verb T1000 (Boot Records, 2007)

Hijack- Style Wars

M.S.I. & Asylum- Cheated (Gran Kru Records, 2009)

Fliptrix- Walk this way ft Bugsy (High Focus, 2012)

Rodney P- World Wide ft Skinny Man & 45 King (Low Life, 2002)

DJ Pandamonium X Es- Up on it

Jehst- Move back (low life, 2002)

Jehst- People under the weather inst (low life, 2002)

TY- The Idea ft De La Soul (Big Dada, 2006)

TY- We don’t care (Extra Yard, 2003)

TY- Closer (Big Dada, 2006)

TY- Oh you want more (Big Dada, 2004)

K-Lash nek Off- Murda (Kemet Entertainment Records, 2003)

Group- One Two (Blah, 2020)

Group- Everything that I know ft Lord Apex (Blah, 2020)

Group- See thru (Blah, 2020)

Ramson BadBonez- Dark City ft MysDiggi & Reveal (Boot records, 2020)

Professor Green- B 4 I Die (The Beats, 2006)

The Strange Neighbor & Big Toast- F**k Off London (Revorg, 2020)

TufKut- I will not stop ft King Kashmere (Britcore Rawmance, 2019)

Blade- Suck on my electric guitar/exit (691 Influential, 1993)

The Brotherhood- imightaspliffbutiwontsniff (Bite It, 1993)

Illiterate & Loop Faction- Residue ft Datkid & Vitamin G

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