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Django Mankub - London Bound (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Django Mankub - London Bound (RVG026) [May 2020]

Django Mankub presents a variety pack of system shaking soundscapes and a heavy dose of ill lyricism from both sides of the Atlantic on this 23 track Beat Tape/Album combination via Revorg Records.

Guests features:

Manage, Flowtecs, Krazy, M.O.N.G.O, Strange Neighbour, Thirstin Howl III, Eff Yoo, Oliver Sudden, Big Rez and Chester P with cuts provided by Mr Brown and DJ Al Mighty.

Recommend tracks:

Gets Real

Children Born Mental

Beat 05



This release oozes that vintage underground UKHH sound - Taut, heavy drums, solid system shaking bass and precision chopped, dust smothered samples. I absolutely love the concept of one beat then one track featuring a guest artist - it really switches it up and gives Mankub a chance to showcase his top class production on it's own without the need of a guest MC or vocal accompaniment.

Highly recommended as this may have slipped under your radar with all the pandemonium that's going on this year.

Physicals are unfortunately long SOLD OUT however you can cop the digital for FREE at

"If it ain't Revorg, why bother?"

Get @ me on the socials: IG- @One9Ate7 Twitter- @One9Ate7 Facebook- One9Ate7

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