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F.Boogie - Rainbows in the Rubble (Review)

After last years emotionally charged "Masks of the Morning Sun" veteran Notts emcee/producer F.Boogie returns with the progressive and uplifting "Rainbows in the Rubble".

Guest Features:

Billy Biznizz

Vandal Savage

DJ Onestep Ahead

Recommended Tracks:





F.Boogie has taken the time to shape an intriguing and thoroughly engaging project and by doing so, he has really stepped it up to the next level. The beats are fantastically constructed and feel more fleshed out and solid, without being bulky and overproduced showing a natural artistic progression and evolution from the albums predecessor. His choice of obscure samples is refreshing to hear and it's envious how he then goes on to chop and loop them to construct the tracks. His drum patterns are precise and carefully woven into the beats - nothing is jarring nor does anything slip out of place or sound as if it's been tacked on afterward as it all locks in harmoniously giving him a really solid foundation to build on and flex his lyrical skills.

He is not only an accomplished emcee/producer but he's also a great songwriter as well something that he showcases by dropping some really clever and interesting concepts into the project with a level of maturity that only an individual with a lot of life experience could.

I'm really feeling how he experiments with different flow patterns and pacing on tracks here and not forgetting to take into account his harmonised ad-libs that help to keep it interesting and engaging, this sung style of ad-lib's that pepper his projects is something that I find really unique to him and it's always a pleasure to hear.

Sometimes less is more and that's certainly the case with the guests as fellow Notts alumni Vandal Savage is the standout feature - bringing his trademark cadence and razor sharp lyrical skill as he glides onto the track (attired in socks and sliders) to trade verses with Boogie (outfitted in Batman slippers). The pair proceeding to show-off their great chemistry as they go verse for verse on Swarmin', a track that showcases each emcee's unique skill, style and capability over one of my favourite beats off the album.

If the albums predecessor "Masks of the Morning Son" represents the storm and unforgiving downpours life throws at us then "Rainbows in the Rubble" is the sun peeking through the black clouds with hopeful intent. It feels like a new day is breaking, one of positivity and optimism, a fresh start and the dawn of a much brighter future. After the year we've just endured this is exactly what we all need for 2021 as we all search for our own Rainbows in the Rubble.

Highly recommended release from the Notts vet' check it out here


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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