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Fliptrix - Light Work (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

(High Focus - October 15th 2020)

Fliptrix drops his follow up to 2018's "Inexhale" with "Light Work" where he assembles a crack team of some of the scene's biggest beat-makers while detailing his thoughts on mind-altering experiences, spirituality, quests for knowledge, consciousness and revolution.

Guest features:

The Four Owls

Vitamin G (of CMPND)

Featuring production by:



Leaf Dog



Drae Da Ski Mask

& more.

Recommended tracks:

Light Work


Broken Glass


Fliptrix/Four Owls/High Focus fans will undoubtedly love this release. The production is great and some of the scenes most renowned producers have contributed a really varied bag of spectacular soundscapes - it sounds really big and the project has been beautifully mastered. For me personally though, it's the subject matter that's the downfall. It's quite entertaining and even thought provoking at times - it just doesn't break any new ground in the way it's being delivered and it seems like it may be a case of playing it safe by sticking to subject matter he's covered extensively throughout his career instead of trying something new.

With 8 solo albums in the back catalogue, it's disappointing to say but the album title sums up my own feelings towards this album.

Available now on CD/Cassette/Vinyl from:

and to stream on all major streaming services.

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