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Frisco Boogie - Masks of the Morning Son (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Nottz veteran, Frisco Boogie has been releasing music since the early 90's and some of you may remember him as 1/2 of the MC/Producer combo "Lost Island" with Stylee Cee, that released a handful of projects on Son Records. Frisco's back catalogue also includes the 2018 collaboration album with Chat One "The Internal Masquerade LP"

Fast forward a couple years to August 2020 and the release of his solo debut which is written and produced by himself - "Masks of the Morning Son"

The album showcases a veteran of the scene in his prime, who rhymes effortlessly across a broad range of sound scapes with ease.

Despite being in the game for a number of years, he still shows the same hunger, passion and intensity as young upstart as opposed to a jaded old timer that many who've been in the game this long have done.

The beats are as diverse as the subject matter, ranging from ominous strings and piano rolls on "Sonrise" almost G-Funk inspired "Another All Nighter" to straight up boom bap on "Gettin' Up" and a sublime latino vocal chop on "Who Do You See".

"You OK Now" is brimming with emotion as Frisco pens an ode to his departed Father, the track really brings a tear to your eye as it includes a sample of his Father's voice.

One highlight for the old Hip Hop heads is "Iconz" featuring some real high caliber production with absolute killer guests features from TWR DVN & JLittles and some prime cuts from from hip hop heavyweight Shortee Blitz.

"Sparechange" is a brilliantly executed concept where the storyteller falls victim to a gold digger and loses his fortune, tragically falling homeless and ending up on the streets.

At a whopping 18 tracks, Frisco covers a lot of ground on the album, the content is straight from the heart and the listener can really feel the emotions pouring out of him which will keep you engaged throughout. The album is a nice release for the scene, steering away from the all too common bravado fueled street stories.


Check it out at the following link -

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