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Grimee Quick - Frank Butcher EP (Review)

(On Remand Records - October 6, 2020)

Lancashire emcee/producer Grimee Quick recently released his latest project - a 5 track EP name after Walford's very own diamond geezer, Frank Butcher.

The EP is a nice little collection of LoFi soundscapes and Boom Bap productions with Grimee dropping punchlines and similes from the get go. He's not a newcomer to the scene as such he just hasn't been active for a minute and I've always got time for artists who are hungry, respectful to the art and feel like they have a point to prove and Grimee Quick is definitely one of those artists.

While it could do with a bit of TLC in the mixing/mastering department it's still head-nod inducing and enjoyable. The beats are good and he has some great similes and a consistent flow throughout.

Production by:


Grimee Quick

Ronnie Rockhead

The EP is available here: https://grimeequick.bandcamp.com/album/frank-butcher

"Full of Stars" and "Crown of Thorns" are available on all streaming platforms.

Check the video for Full of Stars here: https://youtu.be/vjs7uzLRugE

This is what Frank would have wanted...

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