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GrimeeQuick - Cyan Blue (Review)

[On Remand - March 1st 2021]

Laid-back but extremely thought-provoking debut solo release from the host of Killa Tapes Podcast.

Production By:


Ronnie Rockhead

Rusty Joints

Recommended Tracks:

Cyan Blue

Pass it On

Don't Ignore Me

All Falls Down

GrimeeQuick has taken a stand against the bullshit, the banal and the more often than not -comical existence of modern day Britain. This is art - expressed from the heart and mind in it's rawest and most purest form, inner thoughts and opinions broadcast through the medium of Rap over head-nodding Boom Bap. While it's far from a one-man crusade against the establishment, some may find some of the content controversial and not to their taste - However - it's still highly entertaining and thought-provoking to hear his POV without it coming across as preaching and in your face like some of his peers. He's a talented writer and has a great knack for constructing songs with interesting and sometimes obscure concepts, all the while keeping it enjoyable and entertaining.

The beats knock big time and the beat for Cyan Blue and Don't Ignore Me will stick in your head for weeks on end while the rest of the album puts to use some great sample-work and head-nodding drums from the 3 involved producers.

Really enjoyable release from GrimeeQuick - you really can feel throughout that he's put his all into it, blood, sweat and tears...

Also - It's the first time I've heard anyone mention Braintax on a track in about 15 years so huge bonus points for that bar.

Grab a copy from Bandcamp HERE or with an additional three bonus tracks here:


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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