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GrimeeQuick - Fu, Queue

'Fu, Queue' is a hilarious amalgamation of foul mouthed Northern dialect, a massive dose of satire and sprinklings of the world-renowned Northern charm and wit that features a bunch of dope artists spanning the length and breadth of the UK.

GrimeeQuick has quickly found his niche within the UKHH scene as the host of Killa Tapes podcast - showcasing the absolute best up-and-coming talent that the scene has to offer and also as an entertaining emcee. While his style and content is often unorthodox, his skill, passion and dedication to the art is undeniable which leaves the listener thoroughly entertained and wanting more.

The EP is produced by Mighty Mindless Cartoons, Hollowboydrowzy, Ziggy T & Mickey Locks, with all mixing and mastering by Ziggy T.

Grab a copy from Bandcamp HERE

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