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Jaroo x Zatoichi's Ears - Trips EP (Review)

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Fresh off the back of last years superb Synesthesia album with Mankub, Jaroo has now hooked up with Gold on the Mixer's in-house production behemoth, Zatoichi's Ears to drop a brand-new EP - Trips.

Ok so I ain't gonna lie.....It literally took me at least 5 listens through of (W)Hole before I could even move onto the 2nd track from the EP. I read Aldous Huxley's Door of Perception years back and it was dated to fuck with the language and style of writing used...I much prefer to hear the experience the way Jaroo and Amos depict it here.

The chemistry between Jaroo & Amos is flawless as the contrast in their tone and delivery makes for great listening while each bar leaves you anticipating the next. The production from Zatoichi's Ears is perfect for the narrative, it's almost like a lullaby that's just waiting to turn into something more nightmarish at any second - You can literally picture yourself taking this trip with the two emcee's, watching the zombies stumble out of Pop World (We've all been there, don't even pretend you haven't!) and it's all rounded off nicely with a proper catchy hook from Jaroo.

Actual Fuck starts to enter proper tripping balls territory - Zatoichi's production is a claustrophobic blend of jaggedly looped brass, thick kicking drums and a dope bass line that sets up Jaroo to nonchalantly drop bar after bar before the beat fades flawlessly into the EP's closer as Slow creeps in, it's far from what the title suggests as we get Jaroo bobbing and weaving over this superbly chopped mix of psychedelic licks and pounding kicks.

I really can't praise these guys enough, everything coming out on Gold on the Mixer over the past year or so is practically flawless but like all good trips, it's over before it's really begun...

In this case Trips has left me chasing that initial buzz and 3 tracks is just not enough for me - this is a full blown prick tease of a release, it hooks you and draws you in before discarding you like the piece of shit you are only to leave you embarrassed and ashamed...

You want that buzz again but the fact is, you aren't as dope as these guys and will fall short every single time you try...

Beats by Zatoichi's Ears

Bars by Jaroo

Guest verse by Amos

Vocals recorded by Pro P

Grab a copy of the EP from the Gold on The Mixer Bandcamp HERE


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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