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Joker Starr - Poor Traits of a King (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

(October 16th 2020)

Written between 2014 - 2018 - Poor Traits of a King features some of Joker Starr's closest friends on guest duties. Among them - Micall Parknsun, who has once again brought his A-game straight from his trusty AKAI to handle the majority of production duties here while, Leaf Dog, Aye Pee & Soliheen provide supporting roles.

Guest feautures by:

Anyway Tha God

Dj Jazz T

Duurty Goodz

Micall Parknsun


Jones Brothers

Production by: Aye Pee

Leaf Dog

Micall Parknsun

Soliheen Apollo

Recommended tracks:

I'm All About Everything

Don't Watch Man

Streets of Rage

Gawd Chains

Joker Starr is a very energetic and charismatic MC, he's like your hyperactive homie who always has something to say and he has bars upon bars upon bars to add to his mic' presence and charisma. It's refreshing to hear him build these tracks around some smoother, more traditional style of beats compared to the tracks with Gawd Status. It's a very cohesive piece of work; the tracks fit together well sonically and the guest features are great and do a great job at keeping up with the host while he does what he does best over some really solid production.

Joker Starr is one of the more underrated talents we have in our scene and it's really great to see him put out a solid body of solo work.

Definately worth checking out!

Available digitally now from:

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