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Junior Disprol - Def Valley (Review)

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Junior Disprol - Def Valley (Plague) [October 11th 2019]

I had to go and check again as i started writing 'cause it just didn't seem right that this guy who has built such a name for himself in our scene over the years by slaughtering guest appearances and collaborating with some of our greats had never put a real solo album out until now.

"Def Valley" is completely produced by fellow Dead Resident CHUD Jackson who brings a varied style of hard hitting drums, obscure samples and bass that will shake your system to pieces.

Lyrically, Jun' Dis' is on classic form, delivering bar after bar in his signature style - he's gruff and aggressive as his rhymes spill onto the tracks at an alarming rate.

One my top 5 releases of 2019

A billiant project from this veteran of the UK scene, proving time and time again that he gets better with age, it's criminal that he still remains one of the most underrated MC's of the scene.

Recommended tracks:


Elohim Team

Single Malt

Zen W.A

Grab the (Ltd Black or Green)Vinyl and Tape here:

and Digital:

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