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JVF Clique - Tactical Stacking (Review)

JVF Clique come straight from the Lion's Den, LE10 to present to you Tactical Stacking - A tale of Money, Hunger, Filth and Sleaze from the depths of the East Midlands.

Recommended Tracks:



Hold Mics

Nest of Cunts

Guest Features:


Their sound and style is uncompromising - it's not asking for you to like it or vouch for it, it exists on it's own terms and answers to no one while standing it's ground against anything you dare to throw at it, with menace and unwavering confidence. JVF are masters of depicting the filth and sleaze of everyday life in the run down parts of the country where the Government constantly has it's boot to the neck of the residents and keeps pushing down and down and down.

Never ones to rely on guest features to fluff up their projects, Chief and Nipper enlist a single guest this time around as Juga-Naut breezes into the booth to do what he's renowned for on "Triptych" as all three go verse for verse with Michelangelo's precision and showmanship.

The production has been single-handedly crafted by Papa Doc - oozing with that homegrown sound of tight drums and pulsating bass spliced onto obscure samples which is the perfect match for the vocal display of two emcee's at the top of their game - delivering their warts and all narratives that take you on a trip through the cracked concrete, broken glass and discarded face mask littered streets of their hometown.

If you want real, then this is as real as it gets...The bastard offspring of Dead Man's Shoe's and The Long Good Friday - Tactical Stacking is seriously one of my favourite releases this year to date...

Tactical Stacking is available now on all streaming platforms


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

Twitter- @One9Ate7

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