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Karizma - Ostrich (Single)

"I'm supposed to have my shit together. I absolutely do not. Anyone else feel like this?

Well I wrote this for you. I poked fun at the flaws that I cover over with comedy and jokes and made into one of the realest songs I've ever written.

I'm not always great at getting in touch with my feelings, not my strongpoint at all, but I wrote this at a point of absolute frustration with myself and it seemed to work. Peace, love and happiness"

Many will remember the vicious Notts spitter from his younger days - renowned for tearing up freestyle sets on radio as part of the legendary "Out Da Ville" crew and also for his collaborations with some of the most iconic emcee's the UK has to offer - Scorzayzee, Verb T, Reveal and Task Force to name a few.

He's now married with 3 children, has a mortgage, a professional 9-5 and even though life circumstances and the lyrical content may have changed over time - he still has the same passion and desire to produce high quality music just as he did in his younger days.

On the new single "Ostrich" producers Jack Wolff & Sfm 35.8 have crafted a really ear pleasing blend of dreamy, Jazz & Soul infused Hip Hop to serve as the canvas for the wordsmith to sketch his emotions onto. Karizma has a very distinctive voice when it comes to rapping and it's a real treat to hear him switch it up and do some singing for the hook which compliments the laid back nature of the beat and really suits the track overall. It's inspiring to see an artist grow, mature and evolve their style over time as he delivers his detailed narrative in a cheeky, almost tongue in cheek nature but with a serious and heartfelt undertone.

This is one of the most relatable and mature Hip Hop tracks released this year.

Ostrich is out now and can be streamed - Here

Make sure you check out the fantastic video by Gavin Gordon Here

Karizma is gearing up to release his long overdue debut in 2021 so go follow him on all the socials to stay up to date for more information as it comes:

Notts in the building...

Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

IG- @One9Ate7

Twitter- @One9Ate7

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